About us


Develi operating since 2001 as Open Joint Stock Company, breathing life into marble, granite, and other stones with modern technology.

Develi OJSC contributes to the development of the country's industry by equipping its factories with modern machinery from the advanced countries' mechanical engineering industry.

Develi, thanks to its efficient and high production capacity factories in our country, always presents high-quality products to you.

Develi offers modern solutions to the sector by producing a wide range of products that meet both standard and customer-specific needs with world-class quality, continuous production, and advanced technology.

Develi OJSC, producing large-scale products such as facade tiles, sculptures, busts, mosaics, borders, decorative elements, fountains, fireplaces, balusters, columns, and special designs for kitchens and bathrooms made from marble, granite, travertine, onyx, aglay, ceramics, and other stones, is capable of exporting its products not only to Azerbaijan but also to many different regions of the world.


Recognizing that the best capital is "human," and that quality lies with humans, Develi OJSC operates with the idea that "quality is the best investment" and continues its work in this direction. Dveli OJSC further professionalizes its employees with training support and never allows a decrease in product quality thanks to the controls it performs at every stage of production.

Maintaining service quality at the highest level in marketing and sales processes, Develi OJSC has demonstrated its success in this field through customer satisfaction.

Develi considers quality not as a goal but as continuous development and a continuous process. It works to improve and develop all business processes that affect product quality in this direction.


One of Develi OJSC's biggest differences in the sector is its commitment to sustainability and the continuity of products. With its marketing strategy based on continuous production, a wide range of products, and short delivery times, along with a fair pricing policy, it instills trust in its customers.

Develi OJSC designs and implements all these business processes today to shape the future.


Develi OJSC fulfills its responsibility towards nature by processing and utilizing marble, granite, and other types of stones provided by nature. In contrast to synthetic products that surround the world today and create significant problems, Develi OJSC extracts and processes natural stone, providing natural materials to people and living spaces.


Develi ensures the employment and prosperity of its employees, striving to elevate their quality and well-being. Pursuing this vision in all business processes, Develi's goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and the happiness of company employees.

Being a pioneer of modern technology in the natural stone sector, Develi aims to invest not only in the present but also in the future by preserving our most valuable asset, nature.

Working to make its activities profitable with the right policy and strategy, Develi OJSC always contributes to the country's economy.

Develi, aiming to carry its brand into the future, seeks to modernize the marble and granite business understanding, develop this understanding, and pass it on to future generations.

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